Enjoy the beauty of the Latvian countryside on horseback! Either with a quiet walk or learing to ride.

Our lovely horses are here to nick a treat off your hands.


Use our online booking system to book an appointment or get in touch.


Walks are a great way to explore Zasa and get to knwo the horses.

You will be led by a rein, so the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying your time and snapping a pic or two!

Walk around the stables up to 5min - €2

Walk around Zasa Manor Park up to 15 min - €6

Walk on a unicorn 🦄! up to 15 min - €10

Experienced riders can go on exciting through Zasa Manor Park and the woods near Zasa. 

You can set the pace as trot-only, or feel the wind in your hair in our stretches of canter!


Hack through Zasa's woods/park 60 min - €15


2hr hack  - €28


If you have always dreamt to learn to ride or if you wish to improve on your riding abilities, you will be warmly welcomed at our riding lessons.

Anyone can join our lessons no matter the experience or age! We adapt the course to your comfort level and needs.

Lesson 30 min - €6

Grup lesson 1hr - €10

Private lesson 1hr - €15

Hacking around Zasa

Make your event that much more memorable with horses! Whether it's a kids party, a birthday, anniversary or wedding, our range of horses will make it special.

If you are celebrating with us, we offer horse hire for 1hr for small laps at the stables €25.

If you want us to come to you, please get in touch.



Horses for Events

Our JumpCross track is the first of its kind in Latvia. It combines cross country and competition elements. Join our training with your horse or use a stable horse.

Group lesson (with your own horse) - €10

Track hire (own horse) - €5 (per horse)

Training using a school horse - €20

JumpCross Track

If you're lookng for a responsible and fun home for your horse, look no further! We've freshly developed stables in Zasa Manor's historic barns.

STANDARTA full livery - €130

LUXUS full livery including extra feed and supplements- €200


SWe have a JumpCross track, regular events and drive out to horse related events all over Latvia.


Horse Carriage

We offer wonderful rides in carriages and sleighs with our lovely driving horse Legasi or pony Jimmy!

30min drive around Zasa - €30.00

1hr hire for event/wedding in Zasa - €75.00

1hr hire for event/wedding outside Zasa - €200 + ceļa izmaskas


45min training session in driving - €40.00

Our Horses




Our beautiful and unique British ex-racehorse. He won 5 and came second in 4 races over hurdels. He's run over 40 times in his career. Now retired from racing and work at the Hamsey Riding School, he's enjoying his old age at the NYX & Iris stables.

Always ready to meet you and search your pockets for treats! His long-legged beauty is perfect for delicate photoshoots.


Thoroughbred, 16th of April, 2000.



 Our one and only, absolutely fantastic pony Jimmy!

Arrived form the United Kingdom with his bestie Geography. Acquired from a friend's friend and saved from the fate of the slaughter house, our wonderfull nearly white pony can entertain both adults and little ones.

The best walk expert at any event, game master and now getting used to the harness!


Shetland and Welsh Section A cross (we think!), Around 2008.




Our curvy lady!
Beautiful and extremely intelligent! Our half arab lady has retired from showjuming and now teaches all our young and experienced riders.

The only girl amongst the boys (for now!), she has no problems showing them who's the queen, but she's the perfect angel to ride.


Latvian Warmblood and Arab cross, 2010.




Our heartbreaker Poker! ♥
This beautiful black Friesian boy is always ready for a pic!

He travelled all the way from Bydgoszcz, Poland, where his parents work as carriage horses. As he was a little too small for that, he's now living with us and enjoying all the attention he can get! Super obedient and kind he's our very own Black Beauty!

Friesian, September 23rd, 2011.




Our carriage horse, Legasi. We got him from a lovely family where he spent his time in green fields hanging out with cows. He made friends quickly with the other horses at the stable and has become an integral part of the family.


He is a calm giant and really, REALLY loves work. He is never happer than when he is pulling a carriage with excited riders.


Latvijian warmblood, March 27th, 2008.

Phoebe (Darling of Fortune)


Phoebe has come to us from Wonederful Ilze, who has entrusted her sweetheart in our care. She is now training new riders - young and old, and takes them on peaceful hacks.


Phoebe is one of our biggest horses in our stable and her heart matches the body. She is steadfast and patient with our riders, never losing her chill.


Latvian warmblood, April 2nd, 2003.

Iron Lady (Ronis)


Iron Lady (a.k.a. Ronis) is our biggest lady! Having once partaken in dressage, she is now part of our stable. Quick and beautiful, she tests our riders and goes on hacks with Anna.

Our gracious black lady.


Latvian warmblood, March 4th, 2008.