About Us

We are a small family run business in the centre of Zasa. We offer horse riding services, rooms for rent, and travelling café services.

But why the strange name?

Nyx is the Greek goddess of night. In Greek mythology she was the daughter of Chaos, one of the first beings to come into existence, very powerful and the mother of many other gods.

Iris is the Greek goddess of rainbows as well as messenger to the gods. Iris (Īrisa) is also our lovely grandmother’s name.

As these goddesses are different, so two are the two sister owners of Nyx & Iris.

Anna takes care of our lovely horses, leads hacks and lessons. She is very determined, passionate, sweet, and helpful. She has been working with horses for over 20 years, both in Latvia and in the UK. Horses have always been her passion, from the very first time she sat on a horse, Rigoletto in Riga.

Laura takes care of the house, cleans it and greets guests. She is very hard-working, knowing, and meticulous. She also likes baking cakes but not eating them, very useful in hospitality.

But which one of us is Nyx and which is Iris? You be the judge!